Friday, May 15, 2020


There are things so unsurvivable,
And yet we survive them
Like these few memories of hospital wards, sun-tanned streets
Roads and stalls
Blankets and foul smell
Smiles and food sharing
Laugh out louds
Talks and frustrations
Sharing problems and joys
Walking beside the precious one.
How can everything just go away at a whim of a second,
Making it difficult for the heart to dwell in the memories we long to forget?
Or just keep the memories and forget the hurt
But there was no hurt in those memories
They were very simple moments lived negligently.
It is strange how we end up remembering such simple moments
Forgetting the necessary details
But remembering a walk on grey road on a yellow sunny day
Going to a particular market everytime
Meeting the same particular friends on way back home
How gloriously you remember the seasons of the past, the shades of sun, the density of clouds
As if everything was just so perfect.
You used to visit the same old things for years, buying the same old things for months,
Or spending a night (or few or many) in a hospital
Talking on phone in its corridors
Watching TV, singing songs, talking in old melodic tunes
Giving an awkward range of hugs and kisses
Listening to all the hurls and angst
Keeping your door shut
Staring at the walls even on days when everything was just too well
Having being loved, all the tantrums well taken care of
Rewarded for your pettiness with your favorite things
Bribed with your favourites again to do necessary things too
Seeing, touching, smelling, tasting the best things that this life could offer
When even the taste of tears wasn't that sour.
It is impossible to live past this.
Especially when, while working on entirely something else on your laptop,
All these wonderful amazements visit you
With several gushes of wind
Pumping memories into your mind
Even when you try to shake them off
But keep them still.

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